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Michael Moore on the Daily Show - a transcript

by: Reddy on Michael Moore's Message Board posted 02-23-2002 12:31 AM    

Michael Moore on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart February 21, 2002 repeated February 22, 2002

JS – My guest tonight, a film maker and author whose work includes Roger & Me, The Awful Truth and the best selling book, Downsize This, his latest book is Stupid White Men, my prom theme. Please welcome Michael Moore. [applause]
Boy it’s such a shame that you’ve got no material to work with these days.

MM -- I know. What do I do? What’s going on?

JS – How prescient was that title, Stupid White Men. It’s so prescient.

MM – And I came up with the title before everything started falling apart. Actually, I started writing this thing a year ago because I saw a thing about Ken Lay in the NY Times, a very small story last May. The first thing that caught my eye, “Now there’s a last name that every guy would like. What an odd name. No Frito, just the Lay.” Right? So I started doing some investigating and it turned out that this guy, Ken Lay, Bush had given him his, like, own desk, in the White House, like “whenever you’re in town, Ken, you can stop by and make a few calls if you need to."

JS – You’re kidding.

MM – A little more digging and I found out basically that he was there to hand pick most of Bush’s energy people. The head of the regulatory agency that’s supposed to regulate Enron. He hand picked the Secretary of the Army which was the Enron VP. He hand picked the White House counsel. He was an Enron lawyer…... Is this, like, an hour show? The list is that long.

JS – It’s mind-boggling. I had not heard any of this. The way you hear Bush talk about it, he met Kenny Lay at a masquerade party; they barely talked. I knew he used to call him Kenny Boy but I had no idea that it was this intricate.

MM -- When Bush and his family flew around during the 2000 primaries, he was flying on the Enron jet. So whenever he landed in the city, he’s standing in front of the Enron jet, the actual Enron jet... And in fact, the opening day of baseball season 2000, can we go to the videotape? Do we have this?

JS – No. This is basic cable, man. You know what, tell me what it is and I’ll draw it. That’s all I got.

MM -- Here’s what happened. The first day of baseball season Enron field opened down in Houston, right? So Bush takes the Enron jet back there. And I’m reading this story and I’m thinking “Oh, probably to throw out the first pitch.” Right? No, Kenny Boy was throwing out the first pitch. He just wanted to be there to watch. [audience “Awww…”]

JS -- You’re kidding.

MM -- And, Jon, you know this is really what’s great about, you know, our generation, men these days. We’re more sentimental and we love each other in a different kind of way and it’s just amazing that he was willing to do that. [audience snickers]

JS -- It’s more of a Stand By Me relationship when they were kids they saw a dead body and swore to stick together [ audience laughter] no matter what happens.

MM -- So this sort of dissing him, this “I don’t know who he is. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know who he is." Wasn’t there like this guy in the Bible who said “I don’t know this guy.”? "The cock crowed.”

JS -- What was the name of that book again?

MM -- B..I..B..L..E. It was Peter, Yeah, Peter, right? “I don’t know J.C. What J.C.? I don’t know no J.C.”

JS – And you think Kenny Lay probably talked to him the night before and said, “You will deny me three times.”

MM – Yes, "and the cock shall crow."

JS – "You will deny me."
Now can you go into … because I think in general, Dick Cheney is sort of seen as the Dark Lord of Energy. [laughter]

MM – Oh, absolutely.

JS -- So it’s interesting that he was with Halliburton which I guess is a whole separate other shill game which is also collapsing at this point.

MM – Yes, that’s the other can of worms and that one stinks even worse.

JS -- That’s some stinky cheese.

MM – Here let me tell you the real minutes of the meetings, the secret minutes that Cheney doesn’t want released. It’s not about the meetings that he had with Halliburton and Enron and all these people to screw California during their energy crisis. It was the meetings that were held last summer with the Taliban. They were actually meeting with Unical executives, oil company executives and the Taliban…

JS – Weren’t they working and in Tajikistan, the pipeline and all that kind of stuff?

MM – Yes they were trying to negotiate with the Taliban to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan. Now this is going on last August, one month before September 11th and Halliburton was involved in these meetings with the Taliban. That’s where the really scary, you know, sad stuff is. It’s almost like we really don’t even want to know this.

JS -- And this is why you’re surmising that the minutes of those meetings are being held back.

MM – Yes, those meetings and other things they don’t want to release because when we get to the bottom of the attacks on this country and why we didn’t stop it, why we didn’t know about it … There’s a whole... things with why George Bush allowed this private Saudi jet. Do you know this story? It was in the New Yorker a few weeks ago.

JS – I don’t read. I try not to. [laughter] I love that Bob Sponge Square Pants, didja ever see that? [cheers] That little guy that runs around... All right. Tell the Saudi jet story. Let me hear it.

MM – Saudi jet story. This is not a black helicopter story.

JS – No, no, no, no, no. I’m with you.

MM – You remember after September 11 for three days nobody could fly. The planes were down. Nobody could go up in the sky. Except the Administration allowed a private Saudi jet to go to five American cities and pick up 20 members of the bin Laden family and get them out of the country. And the FBI was very upset that they didn’t get to interrogate them. And they told the Administration, “Don’t let them leave the country” because in a murder investigation you want to talk to the siblings and the relatives of the murderer.

JS – Right. Especially when there’s like 10,000 of them.

MM – Exactly, instead, they just let them go. Then it turns out, a week later, in the NY Times, George Senior is involved in this Carlisle Group, this business with the bin Laden family. And the bin Laden family were the ones who put up the money for George W.’s first oil company back in the early 80s, okay, called Arbusto. It’s true stuff. You can get all this information from the NY Times, from the Washington Post, from the New Yorker. The New Yorker has the story about the Saudi jet that flew around and picked up all the bin Ladens.

JS – You know what’s amazing as you hear all this stuff? You think $55 million over a blow job.

MM – That’s exactly right.

JS – You sit and you wonder, all the outrage that was expressed.

MM – Two hundred FBI agents were devoted to investigating the President’s zipper and where he placed his cigar. Two hundred of our FBI agents.

JS – It’s unbelievable.

MM – Let me ask. Jon, during the later part of the 90s, had those FBI agents been doing their job, to protect us and gather information and intelligence, you know, might this have happened. I want justice done to anybody involved in this. And to those who weren’t doing their job to try and prevent this, I want them removed.

[audience yells]. JS holds book- Stupid White Men.

MM -– Did I mention it’s a humor book?

JS -- Very funny book.

MM -- Thank you.

JS -- Thank you.